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February 1 , 2012

ISO 18436-4 , ISO Standard for Oil Analysis -Condition Monitoring and Diagnostics

In October 2008 ,ISO 18436-4 was published with a geat approval rating by the member countries.

ISO 18436-4 " Condition Monitoring and diagnostics of machines - Requirement for qualification and
assessment of personal - part 4 : Field Lubricant Analysis "
This ISO 18436-4 standard specifies the requirement for qualification and assessment of personnel
who perform machinery condition monitoring and diagnostics using field lubricant analysis .
ISO 18436-4 standard specifies a three -category classification programme that is based on technical area .
of Oil Analysis Technology .

1.ISO 18436-4 ,Category 1
2.ISO 18436-4 ,Category 2
3.ISO 18436-4 ,Category 3

Focuslab Ltd has responded , updated and aligned with ISO 18436-4 standard .

Focuslab ' Oil Analysis -level 1 course and Oil Analysis -level 2 course :-

  • Oil Analysis -level 1
    Oil Analysis -level 1 ,training course fully compliant with ISO 18436-4 standard category 1
  • Oil Analysis -level 2
    Oil Analysis -level 2 ,training course fully compliant with ISO 18436-4 standard -category 2

Level 1

Level 2


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Oil Analysis Training course


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