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International Shipping Instruction for delivery Used Oil Samples

Many couriers (DHL,Fedex,UPS ,TNT and etc) will
ask what Used Oil Samples contain, because of
concerns about whether they are flammable ,
leaks and dangerous.
  • Follow our International Shipping Instruction for Delivery Used Oil Samples strictly
    The instructions are intended as guide to assist you in arranging and preparing for
    delivery Used Oil Samples to FOCUSLAB Ltd.
  • And if there will any additional , follow any specific regulation that might have
    from each international courier companies in your countries .
  • And if there will any additional, follow any legal and regulation about shipping
    dangerours goods ( Eventhough , used oil samples are not classified as dangerous
    goods) in your countries .

You should not have a problem delivering your used oil samples through these
international courier companies , as we regularly receive used oil samples from
other countries ; Malaysia, Laos , Vietnam, Indonesia, Philipines , Singapore ,
Taiwan , Korea and Turkey.

International Shipping Instruction for Delivery Used Oil Samples
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