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Coolant Analysis
(Antifreeze Analysis)


Cooling System problems causes the majority of engines breakdowns (more than 50%)
And major diesel engines OEMs have estimated 50 % of all catasrophic engine failure are due to coolant system problems.

Left undetected ; corrosion ,pitting ,corroded-radiator core (as shown below ) can cause
costly damage and downtime .

Coolant Analysis help detect problems before breakdowns occur .
Coolant Analysis will monitor the condition of the coolant to ensure proper cooling
system operation.

Industries: transportation, mining, marine, oil & gas exploration ,construction, port etc.


Basic Package

Test Code:835 (CO835)


Note: The above recommended test package will be guideline, the suitable test package may be vary depend upon right application, environment severity, critical factor, machine age, and so on.

Test Description

Sample Quantity: 100 ml.


CoolantCheck™ Coolant Analysis Report provide :-

  • Display an easy-to-read and understand.
  • Information for wear condition ,lubricant condition and contamination.
  • Interpretation and recommendation of the result . Option for Bilingual.
  • Color coded display of overall condition for present sample and history condition of previous sample.

  • Color coded problem highlights.
  • Provide new oil or reference oil for comparing result and as baseline.
  • Publish Alarm Limit range of the equipment and oil.
  • Comprehensive trending graph of most parameters.
  • CoolantCheck™ Oil Analysis offers reporting options via internet, email and fax.

Turnaround Time Service

The report is typical available within 7-10 working days of sample receipt at FocusLab's labortory.

Examples of report

Remarks: Oil samples (after completion of testing) will be retained in our laboratory for approx 60 days ,just in case of in-depth testing and/or any future purpose.



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