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Refrigerant Analysis


FocusLab provides Refrigerant Analysis servics through our state-of-art -Laboratory. Our Laboratory
has been constructed and equipped under strict guidelines of the current verson of AHRI 700 standard

Why perform Refrigerant Analysis?

  • Helps extend the life of the existing charge
  • Ensures peak chiller operating efficiency
  • Improve on system energy effciency
  • Protects the unit from damage
  • Helps find and fix problems before they become more serious
  • Enhance extending equipment life time

What does a Refrigerant Analysis provide?

  • Detect contamination level in refrigerant
  • Suitability for continued use
  • And/or when contaminant levels exceed acceptable levels or ranges ,for corrective action.

Recommendation ( Regular Routine Refrigerant Analysis )

Standard Test Package


All Tests below are for RefrigerantCheck™828
Test Description Test Method
• Moisture content AHRI 700 Standard
• Acid Number AHRI 700 Standard
• Chloride content AHRI 700 Standard
• High Boiling Residue AHRI 700 Standard
• Particulate /Solid AHRI 700 Standard
Report with acceptable range







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