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On-Site (In-house) Training Course



You can bring an Oil Analysis and Machinery Lubrication training course to your facility.
or to your meeting site .
If you have 15 or more people attending, consider the benefits of an On-Site (in-house)
session conducted in the privacy and conveniences of your facilities or your meeting site.
On-Site (In-House) training courses can also be customized to meet your specific
training requirements.

Details of On-Site (In-Houes) Training Courses
(Detail link will be provided in PDF shortly.)

Benefits of onsite training
1. Save money
2. Save Time
3. Save Travel and lodging
4. Training focused on your needs
5. Importantly,the two courses have been proved much more higher return on investment.

Contact us to make arrangement for your On-site (In-house) Training Courses.

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