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February 25 , 2019

PQ Index or Particle Quantifier Index

FocusLab Ltd is pleased to launch PQ Index to the current Oil Analysis Report

PQ Index or Particle Quantifier Index or Ferrous Particle Quantifier Index

Particle Quantifier Index , or PQ Index, is the measurement of the total ferrous(iron) metal content of an oil,
approximately ferrous (iron) particles , size between 2 µm to more than 1,000 µm

While RDE- AES , ICP-AES and RFS -AES, which cannot detect ferrous(iron) metal particles > 5 µm , > 8 µm

and >100 µm respectively. The PQ Index is then measured and analyzed in conjunction with the

AES -RDE / AES-ICP , AES-RFS for Ferrous( iron) content.

Larger wear debris particles indicate serious problem.

Abnormal Wear or Destructive Severe Wear will generate large wear debris particles (> 100 µm)

Hence the need of using of the PQ Index.

FocusLab will integrate AES-RDE or AES- ICP and AES-RFS with PQ Index for accurate and effective

Wear Debris Analysis

More details see below picture


Establised in 2000 , Focuslab Ltd -laboratory is equipped with state-of-the-art technology for fluid analysis ,
including lubricating oil analysis and insulating oil analysis .

[PD Index in PDF]

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